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I have discovered that the Fire Insurance Maps on the “Archived Version of the Site” are still functional at this link: Maps

At this site you will find the images of a complete six-sheet set of the fire insurance maps for Milton, Ontario, published in 1927. The maps are colour-coded, and allowed insurance firms to keep track of many details about the buildings and homes, for example, whether they were made of brick, wood, stucco, or a combination thereof. Invaluable to historians at all levels of research, the maps offer information which may be unique, especially when buildings no longer exist.

The maps have been scanned and the images subdivided for viewing on the computer screen. Note that the maps are best viewed with the screen resolution set to 800×600 or higher, hi-color (16-bit) or true-color (24-bit). Because of the size of the map images, older computers with less than 16 Mb RAM may experience problems.

The key map (part of Sheet 1) shows the whole area covered; colour coding indicates the individual sheets. You can click on any area of the key map to go to an enlarged view of that area. To go to an adjacent map when looking at the enlarged views, click on the directional hands or on the outer area of the map Or you can return to the key map and click on another area פרטים נוספים. Please note that these maps are intended for personal research only.

To interpret symbols used on the maps, you can look at the legend (also on Sheet 1).

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