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40 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I am interested in purchasing a copy of the book, Halton’s Scotch Block The People And Their Stories. I noticed on your website that this book is sold out. Please let me know if you will be ordering any more copies and making them available for sale.

  2. Hello I am trying to find information regarding my Grandmother’s house at 281 Woodward Avenue. Apparently it used to be located in the exact spot where Martin Street Public School is now. However, some time before the school was built, it was moved by log rollers and horses down to the bottom of the hill on Woodward. I have not been able to find any information regarding this but everyone in the neighborhood seams to know the story. My Grandmother has always wanted more information. Anything the historical society may know about this would be appreciated!


    Sydney McEachern

    • Apparently this request had already been addressed and I probably forgot to post the answer, or it was sent direct by email. Here is the answer provided by the archivists at the MHS:

      MHS does not have any info. regarding this home being moved. We have checked with some of the McEachern family and they do not know anything either. There were McEachern’s living at one time on Jasper St. and Mill St. Sorry all we know.

  3. I am a student researching the history of the Milton Public Library and I am looking for any information regarding the Library and its history, including the Mechanics Institute that was formed in Milton in 1855. Please if you have any documents or archives, let me know. Thanks.

  4. I am researching my GR GR grandfather James STEWART of Esquesing Twp + Milton — he 1st married Elizabeth STEWART d/o John STEWART + Margaret LAMOND and they had 5 children.

    After she died in 1841, he married 2nd to Janet McGREGOR abt 1847 and they had 2 children.

    The house he built circa 1851 was for Janet and their 2 daughters, Mary + Janet.

    I have 2 photos of the James STEWART house — a tiny one in colour + a slightly larger one showing how dilapidated it had become.

    I’d love to get my hands on an old newspaper article from 1974 which states =
    “James Stewart House, “Stewart’s Castle”, Lot 11, Concession 5
    — Newspaper clipping. Georgian architecture in gracious old home. By Joyce Beaton, Georgetown Independent, February 13, 1974, Page 13 and 15.

    Because I live out of province, I don’t have access to this newspaper article but the photos I’ve seen seem to show an old Georgian home that looks very similar to the one shown that has been renovated and moved to Bellefontaine. [see

    The description with this renovated house states that the Stewart House was originally built on Lot 3, Concession 4 in Esquesing Township in 1851.

    This contradicts what Joyce Beaton stated in her Georgetown Independant article which states it was built on Lot 11, Concession 5, Esquesing Twp, which coincides with the 2 lots of land that James Stewart owned.

    Any clarification on this and anything else on James Stewart born 1787 in Blair Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland / emigrated to Ontario in 1818 would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks!

    • Hello Dallas– I’m a descendant of Thomas Snow who bought the Duncan Stewart farm @ Lot 03 Con 03 East of what was once Esquesing Township, Halton County Ontario. His brother William b Devon England in 1848 m Mary Stewart and lived until 1891 at Lot 11 Con 05 of Esquesing. The stone house from L 03 C 03 is the one that was moved to Belfountain area for a Toronto high class restauranteur.I have been interested myself in that home but alas the owner is very antsy about who goes there, for there is well sourced information that he has enemies in the business. Shall we call them competitors (being polite) ? I believe the house built on Lot
      11 is still at it’s original location. Send your questions I will answer
      where I can ! wg

      • Hi Dallas/Wayne/Lezlee:
        Not sure but there could be likely connections here with my ancestors (descendants of the Beaty family).

        My Mom’s Grandfather was George Robertson (changed name from George Robinson). He died in Milton on April 10th, 1931.
        He married my Mom’s Grandmother Rosena Beaty who was the granddaughter of John Beaty from Ireland (came in 1818 with his brother James Beaty Sr. who later became a federal MP). John Beaty also married an Elizabeth Stewart (won’t be the same Elizabeth but could be same family ) in Milton Sept. 28th, 1823. She had already been in Canada. I have some information on the Stewart family tree (although much more on Beaty’s).

        John Beaty and Elizabeth Stewart had a son – James Beaty (referred to as Jr.) who also went on to be an MP but more notably a Mayor of Toronto during 1879-1880. James Beaty, QC was born Nov. 10th, 1831 at Ashdale Farm in Milton (Omagh).

        Information I have about this Elizabeth Stewart is that her dad was George Stewart originally also of Ireland. It is believed he went to US first in around 1800 (New York City area). Moved to Canada in 1812 (due to not wanting to take oath of allegiance to US). He had married Nancy Thompson before leaving Ireland. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters (one being Elizabeth). The sons were George Stewart and Benjamin Stewart.

        Dallas, your John Stewart – do you have a middle name for him? And do you know where he was born/lived?
        Lamond could be Lamont?

        Dallas, Lezlee, I have read reference somewhere to a Lamont but sifting through everything to try to find again and to flow connection to Steward family tree.

        Wayne, James Beaty Jr. (see above) had a son-in-law who was A.J. Snow and Mrs. J.C. Snow was his sister. Connection?

        Many of same names come up (married into families of same names).

        Historical Society, I’m looking to find out more about brothers James Beaty Sr. and John Beaty in relation to Milton roots.
        Also George Robertson/Robinson.

        And they thought it was a small world back then…


        • Kathryn —

          My GR GR grandfather James STEWART’s 1st wife Elizabeth was the d/o John STEWART + Margaret LAMOND / LAMONT.

          They had several children and after she died in 1841, he remarried about 1847 to Janet McGREGOR and had 2 daughters — I’m descended from the youngest daughter.


      • Wayne —

        Thanks for your response!

        At my GR GR aunt Mary [Stewart] SNOW’s death, it’s stated where she’s buried but gives 2 different names for the place where the cemetery is located —
        Boston Cemetery, Mansewood ON – mentioned twice
        Boston Cemetery, Mansefield ON

        William + Mary’s daughter Mary Ellen SNOW died 1903 in Waterdown where her mother had lived from 1891-1920 and the last few years of her life were with her niece in Hamilton.

        Can you clear up the confusion about the cemetery location?

        I’m going to have to find someone who can take a photo for me of the Stewart house on Lot 11 someday …. it would be wonderful to have.

        Many thanks!

  5. I have been trying to find the story of an early pioneer settlement in this area that was founded by colonists who had failed to make a colony in South or Central America. (Not the Darien project). I don’t know where I first heard the story but I have an idea it was in connection with the Bruce Trail or Niagara Escarpment history. I believe the name of the failed colony began with a G or GU. Any ideas?

  6. lived in milton 50+years. lots of family still there. would like to purchase several of your books. please call 1-250-339-3020 as i am now living in comox, bc. thank you.

    • Dear Mr. Brown:

      The MHS Archives has asked me to respond to your message and have you e-mail a list of the books that you want to purchase. They will then send you a price for the books and shipping charges.

      You will be able to pay for the books on-line.

      Alternatively, you can have a member of your family who still lives in Milton come to the MHS to purchase the books.

      Thank you for your interest in the resources of the Milton Historical Society.

      Best Regards,

      Richard Laughton
      MHS Web Support Team

  7. Hello I am curious about the history of the home at 72 commercial st? This just came up for sale and I will be going to take a look at it . Would love to know the history!

    • Christine:

      I have forwarded your request to those that look after the Historic Homes of Milton. I myself do not know if that is one of the homes that have been studied. The MHS Archives are open this Wednesday (May 18th) so if you do not have the books on the historic homes of Milton you might want to drop by and check for yourself.

      Did you check to see if there was a plaque on the front of the house?


  8. Hello,
    I am doing research on John Stewart, (b 1774 Blair Atholl, Perth & Kinross, Scotland- d 1854) married Margaret Lamont. Was wondering if there is any more info in the Milton Area Bio books, vol 1 – 3; Also would love to purchase a copy of the “Halton’s Scotch Block” if at all possible. Tracking down the Robert McGowan clan b1797 – d 1891; He married Mary McGreggor ( b 1803 – 1888) and they had 7 sons and 2 daughters.
    Thank you for any help you are able to give or direction you are able to point me in.
    Lezlee Heninger

    • Lezlee:

      I have forwarded your inquiry to the family name researchers at the Milton Historical Society. I expect you will hear from them in the immediate future, however if there is any delay please do not hesitate to contact me directly at and I will check into the matter.

      There is an excellent FREE web site for doing ancestral research as well, in the event you have not checked there:


    • Lezlee —

      My GR GR grandfather married John STEWART + Margaret LAMONT’s daughter Elizabeth and had several children.

      I’m descended from his 2nd marriage but have done extensive research on John STEWART 1774-1854 and his wife Margaret LAMOND / LAMONT 1765-1840

      It’s too bad we can’t share our email addresses but I’d be happy to answer any queries you may have.

      • I do not believe there is any reason that you cannot share your email addresses. All you would need to do is post them in your message. For safety and to avoid spammers, put them in a format that a bot cannot read automatically. For example use a format such as:

        as most people know then what to do to send the email.

        If you wish to purchase any of the MHS books you can do that online using the PAYPAL system. Send an email with your request to and when it is confirmed that the book is available, send payment by using the PayPal donations button.

        It would appear that the book on the Scotch Block is sold out. I am certain that the author (I believe it was Gloria Brown) can answer any questions. Unfortunately Gloria is not on email, but if you send her a message via the MHS I am sure they will print it for her and see if there is an answer.


  9. I would like to know the history of how “Penson Crescent” came to be named. I am a member of the Penson family who resides in Oakville but I have never had contact with the Pensons in Milton although I believe I am in some way related to them. (I’ll be following up on that!) Any information you have about the Penson family would be appreciated.

    • Jacqui:

      I have forwarded your inquiry to the family name researchers at the Milton Historical Society. I expect you will hear from them in the immediate future, however if there is any delay please do not hesitate to contact me directly at and I will check into the matter. Have you already contacted the Town of Milton, as they are responsible for the selection of street names.

  10. I have a ww11 letter from a soldier of the 48th Highlanders, dated OCT 20, 1940 addressed to “Rev. John Riddell”, “The Maure”, “Milton, Ontario” thanking him for the cigarettes he sent him. Can you advise me what and where the “Maure is and where is it located in Milton?



  11. I would like any information you may have on the White family. Do you have any information on John White or Thomas White? Thank you.

    Dean White
    Calgary, Alberta

    • Dean:

      I just found your request in a SPAM folder – not sure why it went there as it is a valid request. I have sent it on to the researchers in the MHS and provided them with your e-mail address.

      Richard the Web Tech


    • Your inquiry has been forwarded to the researchers at the MHS. You may also go to the MHS on Wednesday and Saturday mornings to look at the books and records.

  13. The recent addition of nurse Edith Rainsford Dick to the Milton Hall of Fame has piqued my interest – which volume includes her biography? Does the society have any additional materials about her such as photos or documents? Thanks for any further hints you can provide about her story! – Jody

    • Your inquiry has been forwarded to the researchers at the MHS. You may also go to the MHS on Wednesday and Saturday mornings to look at the books and records.

  14. Hello,
    I’m researching my family history / genealogy. Benjamin Jones, Charles Jones and Alonzo Bell Jones (my great +++ grandfathers). Any information would be appreciated so I can begin my research.
    Thank you
    Paul Jones
    Brantford, ON

    • Paul:

      We need your e-mail address to send you the details. Please see the note above in the web page as we have now modified the page to tell others we need to be able to e-mail them back. We are not able to post all answers directly to the web page if they contain confidential information or if the resopondant does not have access to the web page. I often forward the posted messages to volunteers who are able to respond by e-mail.


  15. Would like any history on old farm house located at south east corner of trafalgar rd. And Derry rd presently abandoned.

  16. The capability now exists to leave a comment here on this “Contact Us” page. For those that had sent comments earlier and did not receive a reply, my apologies. The system settings have now been adjusted and I will receive an e-mail at web@miltonhistorical society whenever a comment is posted. As soon as the comment has been moderated it will appear here, hopefully with the most recent comment at the top of the page.

    This comment was posted and did not appear so I have added it back manually:

    Philip Gross
    Submitted on 2013/12/07 at 1:10 pm
    With respect to the Books “Milton Area Biographies” of which volume 3 is just being published, I would be curious to know if the Fleming family that lived in Milton between 1842 and 1868 is included in any of these volumes, even with biographies of others. This would include Daniel Fleming and his wife Elizabeth as well as their children Samuel, Ellen, Jeannette, Edward White, Mary Ann, Lucy and Elizabeth, the last being born in Milton in 1844.
    I am also interested in the Martin family which, I am told, were the founders of Milton. I am particularly interested in Jasper Martin’s two sons – Joseph Martin who married first Ellen Fleming, then his brother Edward Martin who married Mary Ann Fleming and moved to Adrian, Michigan.
    If there is any significant information on these folks, I would be pleased to buy the specific volumes in which they appear.
    Would you advise me please.
    Philip Gross
    The Fleming Family Project

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