16 James Street, Milton, Ontario | Free Parking nearby

Monthly Meeting: Howard Ironworks Museum – Oakville

October 20, 7:15 p.m.

Please Note – We will be meeting at this museum for 7:15 pm. Should you need a ride, please email or phone the Milton Historical Society.

After many years directly involved in the printing industry, Liana and Nick Howard set about to build a museum of printing history with focus on machinery from the 1830’s to 1950’s. This period was an exciting time for not only worldwide technology, but also improvements to the printing press. Unlike any other, printing has spurred man to great things.

Howard Iron Works is supported by world-class talent in order to restore and present equipment just as it would have been when leaving the original factories. We hope you will join us as we tour the various printing related historical equipment.

We will meet at The Howard Ironworks Museum for 7:30 pm
800 Westgate Road
Oakville, ON L6L 5N2

Milton Historical Society

Parking: Free lots on Mary St and Brown St, and on Main west of St. Paul’s

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