The Milton Historical Society has been publishing a newsletter “The Journal” on a regular basis for a number of years.  To get your newsletter by direct e-mail, join the MHS today!

See the new links at the bottom of this page to download archived copies of The Journal. The collection is not complete, so if you have copies of any of the missing newsletters we would appreciate it if you could make us a copy to add to the archives. If you can help …. we can help you get a complete digital copy of this archive – read more!

In January 2012, MHS member Walter Eadie uncovered six (6) years of missing “Journals” while organizing the administration files at the Archives. In total. 14 new issues were uncovered plus 1 better replacement issue. All of these are now included in the table at the bottom of this page. Walter is the first recipient of the DVD of all Journal issues – but we don’t have them all yet, so keep checking your personal archives!

Please click on the links below to download a copy of the newsletter for the period of interest:

Current Journal Issues:
Winter 2023-24 – Vol 38 No. 4
Fall 2023 – Vol. 38 No. 3

Summer 2023 – Vol. 37 No.6

Winter 2022-23 Vol. 37 No.4
Fall 2022 Vol. 37 No.3
Summer 2022 Vol. 37 No.2
Spring 2022 Vol. 37 No.1

Fall 2021 Vol. 36 No.3
Summer 2021 Vol. 36 No.2
Spring 2021 Vol. 36 No.1

Winter 2020-21 Vol. 35 No.4
Fall 2020 Vol. 35 No.3
Summer 2020 Vol. 35 No.2
Spring 2020 Vol. 35 No.1

Winter 2019 Vol. 34 No.4
Fall 2019 Vol. 34 No.3
Summer 2019 Vol. 34 No.2
Spring 2019 Vol.34 No.1

Winter 2018 Vol.33 No.3
Fall 2018 Vol.33 No.2
Summer 2018 Vol.33 No.1

Winter 2017 Vol.32 No.4
Fall 2017 Vol.32 No.3
Summer 2017 Vol.32 No.2 – none
Spring 2017 Vol.32 No.1

Do you want a CD or DVD copy of these archives FOR FREE? For each missing complete copy of The Journal that you drop off at the MHS offices, we will make you a digital copy of the complete “The Journal” archive. First come, first served!

Since 2010 Journal Uploads have been in COLOUR – from the original files ! Pre-2009 year’s editions of The Journal were provided in low density B&W so they downloaded quickly. The pre-2009 archive copies (see table below) are higher quality grayscale versions to reflect the archive nature of those files.

Please note that the archive copies are provided as a “yearly PDF”, so all available issues for that year are in a single downloadable PDF file.

If you are unable to download these documents, you may purchase a CD/DVD version of the archived copies from the MHS. Alternatively, you can visit the MHS archives and read the print versions. For a complete list of what issues are available in the archives please see the list below. Bring in your copy of “The Journal” that is missing and win a digital archive.

Archived copies of The Journal can now be downloaded from these links. These are large files and so they may take some time to download. New to this list in February 2012 are: 1977, 1978. 1979, 1982, 1983 and 1984. We are still looking for 1980 and 1981, so please check your personal archives.