The following database of historic homes and buildings has been researched by the Milton Historical Society as part of their Plaquing Program. MHS has published three volumes thus far with a number of others which have not as yet been published leggi l’articolo. For further information please contact the society

552614th Side Rd.n Nelson Twp.1861
114Ashbrook Crt.1901
1335Basswood Cres.1857
48Bell St.1874
10025 previously1353Britannia Rd. W.1860
356Broadway St.1914
23Bronte St.1892
1510Bronte St. S.1849
130Charles St. 1908
108Charles St.1893
98Charles St.1882
82Charles St.1855
66Charles St.1883
117Commercial St.1913
69Commercial St.1857
171Court St. N.1923
30Court St. N.1881
27Court St. N.1923
26Court St. N.1891
23Court St. N.1917
66Court St. S.1923
47Court St. S.1914
22Court St. S.1929
15Court St. S.1912
5519Derry Rd.1901
9296Dublin Line1860’s
502Dymott Ave.1850
12Elizabeth St.1849
9110Fourth Line, Esquesing Twp1850’s
8350Fourth Line, Esquesing Twp.1850’s
41Hugh St.1876
56James St.1861
49James St.1908
48James St.1888
41James St.1920
24-26James St.1842
21James St.1936/37
16James St.1865
202Jasper St.1909
192Jasper St.1909
162King St.1897
158King St.1913
150King St.1921
128King St.1876
110King St.1855
102King St.1915
76King St.1888
27King St.1895
22King St.1860
16King St.1863
130Lydia St.1923
125Lydia St.1921
117Lydia St.1913
325Main St.1878
276Main St.1944
256-258Main St.1872
251Main St.1865
223-227Main St.1887
216-218Main St.1873
212Main St.1853/1896
208Main St.1893
206Main St.1893
174Main St.1877
161-165Main St.1864
144Main St.1887/1956
114Main St.1905
100Main St.1906
95Main St. 1886
94-96Main St.1851
54Main St.1911
191Margaret St.1856
219Martin St.1897
200Martin St.1894
187Martin St.1914
177Martin St.1921
168Martin St.1894
160Martin St.1891
159Martin St.1906
150Martin St.1874
141Martin St.1857
136Martin St.1860
104Martin St.1868
92Martin St.1909
87Martin St.1892
79Martin St.1892
72Martin St.1855-75
57Martin St.1860
24Martin St.1908
8Martin St.1875
150Mary St.1855
111Mary St.1858
107Mary St.1888
99Mary St.1887
90Mary St.1854
76Mary St.1887
75Mary St.1855-73
67Mary St.1911
61Mary St.1891
36Mary St.1886
35Mary St.1879
30Mary St.1858
23Mary St.1891
22Mary St.1885
16Mary St.1885
147Mill St.1912
146Mill St.1846
141Mill St.1886
133Mill St.1857-1995/96
121Mill St.1879
112Mill St.1908
111Mill St.1880
108Mill St.1857
105Mill St.1881
104Mill St.1857
99Mill St.1855
91Mill St.1877
86Mill St.1853
85Mill St.1879
80Mill St.1884
79Mill St.1859
72Mill St.1856
71Mill St.1905
66Mill St.1889
60Mill St.1894
59Mill St.1856
49Mill St.1873
360Oak St.1855
351Oak St.1855
337Oak St.1856
399Pearl St.1914
376Pearl St. 1851
372Pearl St.1878
366Pearl St.1853
365Pearl St.1858
359Pearl St.1851
336Pearl St.1832
246Pearl St.1891
407Pine St.1859
402Pine St.1875
379Pine St.1916
376Pine St.1874
366Pine St.1922
360Pine St.1855
296Pine St.1855
286Queen St.1910
239Queen St.1920
226Queen St.1911
223Queen St.1916
213Queen St.1857
207Queen St.1927
200Queen St.1874
199Queen St.1880
193Queen St.1856
186Queen St.1910
180Queen St.1912
174Queen St.1857
5576Regional Rd. Hwy 251828/1835
5237Regional Rd. Hwy 251838/1857
6712Regional Rd. Hwy 25, behind Milton Sport Centre - 605 Santa Maria Blv.1835
6597Regional Rd. Hwy 25, moved to 963 Stoutt Dr.1864
157Robert St.1878
151Robert St.1878
85Robert St.1895
74Robert St.1913
255Ruhl Dr. Peviously 6607 1st Line
216Sarah St.1860
207Sarah St.1889
206Sarah St.1857
191Sarah St.1860
190Sarah St.1868
186Sarah St.1882
185Sarah St.1888
177Sarah St.1891
176Sarah St.1874
254Sydney St.1901
246Sydney St.1909
165Thomas St.1892
147Thomas St.1914
129Thomas St.1920’s
123Thomas St.1913
121Thomas St.1913
103Thomas St.1892
90Thomas St.1920
61Thomas St.1857
1635Thompson Rd, S., previously 5775 3rd Line1875
8690Tremaine Rd.1886
7781Tremaine Rd.1851
5501Tremaine Rd.1850
111Victoria St.1899/1901
103Victoria St.1899
100Victoria St.1887
94Victoria St.1856
93 Victoria St.1877
83Victoria St.1907
78Victoria St.1876
75Victoria St.1882
66Victoria St.1886
58Victoria St.1886
57Victoria St.1856
33Victoria St.1890
25Victoria St.1880
14Victoria St.1896
33 Whitmer St., Previously 3074 Main St. 1860
332Woodward Ave.1922
328Woodward Ave.1914
247Woodward Ave.1924
241Woodward Ave.1925