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Heritage at Risk

Milton’s Historic Homes Must Be Designated to be Protected under the new Bill 23 Legislation!

This bill now put Milton’s 957 listed historic homes at risk of being demolished by current or subsequent owners unless they are designated under the Ont. Heritage Act before 2025.

We encourage homeowners of historic homes to please contact Town Staff in the Development Services Dept. They will work directly with those committed to designating their home under the act - Don’t put off preserving our Heritage.

The Milton Historical Society is interested in providing a plaque for historic commercial, residential, industrial, civic and religious buildings in Milton .

You may download the Application Form or complete the online form at the bottom of this page. The current fee is $175, due after the research is complete and before the plaque is produced.

Please see the database for a list of properties listed.

You may also wish to view the two books produced to date that provide details on the historic homes of Milton. Examples of a few of the homes are shown at the bottom of this page.



Details of the Program

The MILTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, in accordance with various objectives and regulations, has the responsibility in its plaquing program to establish the following procedures.

1. The SOCIETY (MHS) will research at its own expense, the property in question .

2.   The property OWNER agrees to assist with any private documentation it may have in its possession.

3.   The SOCIETY is bound by rules that govern the architectural design, form of construction and the age of any building to be plaqued. Because of its commitment to the heritage community it has the responsibility to perform this evaluation and research in a just and accurate way.

4.   It is understood, by both parties, that the wording on the plaque will be in accordance with the information gathered in the research of the property.

5.   It is understood, by both parties, that there can be no change in the date of the property once the correct information has been established.

6.   It is understood, by both parties, that the person making the request for plaquing agrees to the charges made by the Society for the production of the plaque. The fee is $175 per plaque, unless more detail is required on a plaque, which would result in a higher fee charged by the sign maker.

7.   Fee for the plaque is due at the time the research is approved by the OWNER. It is the OWNER's responsibility to install the plaque at an appropriately visible point on the building. Any fees connected with the installation are the responsibility of the OWNER.

8.   It is understood by both parties, that if item 5 of this By-law is violated in any manner then the research, plaque and its availability to the owner will be withdrawn by the Milton Historical Society.

9.   MILTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY reserves the right to alter the wording on the plaque in the future if subsequent research indicates a correction is necessary. The cost of such alteration would be the responsibility of the SOCIETY  leggi l'articolo.

10. An application must be completed by the owner to have the property considered for a plaque. The Society reserves the right to decline the research of a property.

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.

Your Application

To: Plaquing Program Chairperson Milton Historical Society

We are in agreement to have our property researched and a plaque prepared by the Milton Historical Society. We will be happy to assist your researcher with whatever knowledge and papers we possess.

The following information will provide some help:

We will accept the cost of preparing a plaque for our property, based on your research, and the cost of installation. A cheque for $175 will be provided when your research is completed and the plaque is ordered.

Registered Owner


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94 Victoria St. - Regency brick Cottage built about 1856

1510 Bronte St. - Neo-classical style home of local cut stone built 1849


33 Whitmer St. - Georgian style brick home built 1860

199 Queen St. - Victorian Gothic wood framed Cottage home built 1880



161-165 Main St. - Italianate style cut stone commercial building built 1864


Designation - Town of Milton

The purpose of Heritage Designation by the municipality is to formally recognize historic properties which have a cultural value in our community and to ensure the conservation for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.  Please contact Heritage Milton at Town Hall for further information.