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My Apologies ! Blog Updates Missed

It appears that I failed to update the site with the blog postings since July of 2017. That is important, as the MHS Blog feeds out the information automatically by Twitter to the subscribed members. If you are not currently receiving MHS notices via Twitter, just visit the MHS Twitter page and click on the link to “Follow” in the upper right corner

Please note that there have been recent major changes that should have been posted:

  1. The new 2018 Executive, Coordinators and Volunteers is posted under:
    About Us/The Executive.
  2. There are a number of new 2018 Blacksmith Classes and new ones are being added on a “as needed” basis: (Note there are now two Sunday Beginner Blacksmith Classes)
    Schedule/Blacksmith Classes
  3. There has been a update to the House Plaquing booklet and a change in price for 2018:
    Historic Properties/House Plaquing
  4. Facility rentals are now restricted to the Carriage Room only:

Richard Laughton :oops: