Joseph Henry Morrison #47
Lord Strathcona’s Horse

Lord Strathcona offered to raise a regiment at his own expense for service in the British Army in South Africa. A cadre of mounted police joined Strathcona’s Horse, among them the legendary Superintendent Sam Steele.

(This is believed to be the correct person – but confirmation is required – as he is the only Morrison reported to be with the Lord Strathcona’s Horse and he reports he was originally from Ontario)

March 1901
Trooper Morrison of the Strathcona
When the train from Toronto arrived and no soldier appeared there was great disappointment, but Mr. Chisholm invited his neighbours to the supper and a very pleasant evening was had. It turned out that Trooper Morrison had missed the train. He arrived at Hornby the next evening. He is in town today with Mr. Chisholm, wearing his Strathcona uniform. He is a fine looking soldier, and like the men of the Canadian contingent generally is modest about his own experiences.