The the best of our knowledge, the photographs were in the possession of Private Robert Anderson, J. #3110962. From Milton, Ontario, Private Anderson was serving in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the Great War of 1914-1921.

Early research tells us that Robert Anderson Jr. was drafted under the “Military Service Act” in July of 1918, so quite late in the war. Although he made it to England, he did not serve on active duty in France. He was T.O.S. (Taken on Strength) by the 8th Reserve Battalion, which would have reinforced active troops serving in the 4th Canadian Division in Canada’s “Final Hundred Days“. It would appear, however, that a medical condition resulted in his service being provided to the “Canadian Corps Camp” in the U.K. from early¬†1919 until he was demobilized back to Canada. At some point it would appear he went to Belgium and France, after the Armistice, at which time he took these pictures. More research will be required before we can confirm those details.

For more information on Robert Anderson Jr. at this early stage of the project you can see these files:

  1. Canadian Expeditionary Force, Military Service Act Draft
  2. Canadian Expeditionary Force, Complete Service File

Anderson MSA Casualty Form