Roberts (error)

For close to 10 years I have been searching for the UNKNOWN that is on the Halton Cenotaph. He is listed as Wesley Roberts and the problem is that there was nobody by that name in any country that died in the First World War (Great War).

It is my contention that we can now close this case and accept that an error was made when the cenotaph was constructed and engraved after the war.

His correct name is WILLIAM ROBERTS and in the 1911 Census he was living in the home of John and Mary Ramsay at R.R. #1 Campbellville (Nassagaweya). The ability to find him improved each year as the CWGC, LAC and other genealogical sites digitized more of the historic records. These could then be cross-referenced against the Census, Family Search and Ancestry.

Private W. Roberts #663522 attested to the 164th Battalion and was later transferred to the 21st Battalion. His profile is already detailed on the MHS web site, as a listed soldier on the Haltonville Cenotaph,  under the name of William Roberts. It would appear that he was simply recorded a second time in error under the name of Wesley Roberts. Every record for a Wesley Roberts from Canada was checked and none of them had any link to Halton Region and none of them died in the war.