First World War

The history of Milton in the First World War (the Great War of 1914-1919) is told here by the story of the men. Initially this work entailed the story of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, which is now being augmented with an expanded story of those that served.

This story of those that perished is in the process of being moved to new web site. We are awaiting the completion of the move of the records within the depository at Library and Archives Canada, as most of the links on the old MHS web site are now broken. The same applies to the files at Veterans Affairs Canada (The Virtual War Memorial). You will find some of the information below, but in the interim, you can follow this link to the old site if you prefer:

First World War

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In the section on the WWI Soldier Details you will find information of a number of Milton Soldiers that made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War of 1914-1919. The true date of the war was August 4, 1914 to August 31, 1921, however most of the troops were back home in Canada by mid-1919. A significant number of Canadian Soldiers went on to fight with the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force (CSEF) or the Canadian North Russia Expeditionary Force (CNREF), however we have not yet checked on any Milton men in those groups.

We also encourage you to read the story of Milton in the Great War as described in “Milton Remembers World War I – The Men and Women We Never Knew” (published books) by John Challinor and Jim Dills, edited by Ken Lamb, available at the Milton Historical Society at 16 James Street, Milton. The book contains extensive details on the war years in Milton, the men and women who served and survived, the local 164th Infantry Battalion, and numerous photos of the men, women and events of that era. Considerable updates and corrections to that work have been completed which are kept with the MHS Archive copy.

What follows are some of the new photographs that has been submitted since the book was published in the fall of 2006.  Shown here is Private Howard Challen Robertson of the 38th Infantry Battalion. Check his details on the list of soldiers (add link) who perished and are named on the Cenotaph in Victoria Park, Milton.

Private Howard Challen Robinson, 38th Infantry Battalion

In addition, we have received correspondence from the family of Private Hugh Sinclair (add link), including the two pictures shown to the right (click them for full scale).  The corrections submitted, as well as some of the new history has been added to Private Sinclair’s personal page.

Private Hugh Sinclair, KIA on the Somme 1916

Private Hugh Sinclair, 3rd from left, 24th Battalion in France

In August 2010 we received the picture of Archie Beard from his Great-Granddaughter Melanie Knaap. Archie had 3 children prior to being KIA – Vera, Mabel and William. Vera Beard married a Knaap, whose son Louis Knaap is father to the donor Melanie Knaap.

Private Archie Beard, 24th Battalion KIA

During the “free access period” to in April 2013, I was able to download the Medal Cards for the following Milton Soldiers of the Great War: (click on link to see document image)

Carbert Awards

Cartwright Awards

Dent Awards

Walsh Awards

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