MHS Movie Night - Classics

Grab some popcorn and your favourite beverage, curl up in front of your personal computer or smart TV and watch some great Hollywood movies, many of them produced during the Golden Era of movie-making. Enjoy!

MHS Movie Night – Hollywood Comes to Milton

Several dozen Hollywood movies, made for television movies and long-running TV series episodes have been shot in Milton over the last 75 years or so. Every month we will introduce you to one of them and, as you watch them, try to spot those sequences that were shot locally. Still in the planning stages, but we plan to make this a monthly feature for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!

Milton History

The general history of our community illustrates its ever-changing nature. The videos in this section cover off how the community has evolved over the past 200 years residentially and commercially, highlighting some of the more interesting historical aspects of Milton, like its founder, Jasper Martin, its centre of local government, its downtown core and its people.

Monthly Online Presentations

The Society is one of the country's most prolific publishers of local historical content. Many of its most popular books, as well as the general history of our community, are brought to life through these special presentations. If you are associated with an organization that would benefit from a live presentation about any of these topics by a member of the Society's speakers bureau, contact us by telephone at (905) 875-4156 or via email at Enjoy the presentations!

Educational & Special Interest

Our community has many unique attributes, both natural and man-made. The videos in this section cover off some of the more interesting local features, including the Robertson screw and driver, blacksmithing at the Waldie Blacksmith Shop and auto racing time trials in the mid-1950s at Rattlesnake Point.