Milton Area Biographies

A number of area biographies have been researched by the MHS researchers as part of our ongoing project of those whose imprint influenced this community’s life and progress. The project includes no person still living.

MHS has published three volumes thus far, with the latest Volume 3 by Marsha Waldie published in December 2013. For further information please contact the society.

Volume 2 by Alex Cooke was reprinted in April 2014, so that for the first time you may purchase the complete three volume set. Volume 1 was also authored by Alex Cooke.

Please click on this “Biography Form” to download the document to submit to the MHS if you wish to add information about a relative (or yourself), for future use and storage in the MHS Archives.

With the addition of Volume 3 the MHS Biography database is now considerably larger. Until such time as a new on-line list is available on this page, you may download the complete listing in WORD format (link: MHS Biography Database). The list below is complete for Volumes 1 and 2 only.

The area biographies have been researched by the MHS as part of our ongoing project of those whose imprint influenced this community’s life and progress. The project includes no person still living.

Milton Historical Society
Database:   Milton Area Biographies Listing

(the database list is in the process of being transposed – this list is not final – in proofing phase)

Name: Background Date:
Alexander, William farmer, politician, merchant 1854-1918
Allan, George Robert politician, brick worker 1864-1951
Allen, Stanley A. clerk, politician, administrator 1912-1992
Anderson, Charles Robert barber 1914-1986
Anderson, Dr. Robert K. medical doctor, politician 1860-1950
Anderson, Wm. Ritchie barber 1885-1965
Andrews, George butcher, farmer, politician 1824-1925
Andrews, Hazel store Clerk, homemaker caregiver 1898-1991
Andrews, Joseph William labourer, farmer, rural mailman 1868-1928
Argall, Robert Frederick teacher, principal, audiologist 1929-2008
Armstrong, Adam E. clerk, soldier, politician 1895-1957
Armstrong, Alexander Albert painter 1871-1939
Armstrong, William J. politician, carpenter, inspector 1856-1940
Babcock, Dr. Frederick E. dentist 1894-1954
Babcock, Helen teacher, homemaker 1908-1999
Barclay, Francis merchant, land registrar, politician 1822-1889
Barton, Albert Farmer, Dairy Operator, Inspector 1886-1964
Bastedo, Gilbert Tice clerk of the peace, crown attorney 1834-1868
Bastedo, H. Elizabeth artist 1850-1935
Bastedo, John McGregor merchant, politician 1856-1937
Batty, George Ernest welder 1909-1971
Batty, Herbert florist 1881-1949
Bell, James “Jim” politician, garage owner 1915-1966
Best, Brian engineer, estate broker, politician 1928-1974
Bews, John William merchant, tailor, politician 1868-1915
Bews, Samuel R. merchant, tailor 1870-1927
Black, Florence E. journalist 1876-1957
Blain, James Wilson farmer, merchant, politician, clerk 1864-1948
Blight, John W. printer, newspaper publisher 1866-1943
Book, James Palmer farmer, express agent 1877-1949
Bousfield, George Edward businessman, land deveroper 1864-1926
Bousfield, Wray Allison merchant, developer, salesman 1897-1957
Bowes, Elizabeth Helena school teacher 1869-1950
Bowes, George Speare merchant 1832-1923
Bowes, Joseph farmer, merchant 1798-1839
Bowes, Sarah teacher, missionary 1834-1911
Bowes, Thomas farmer 1803-1881
Bradley, John carpenter, contractor 1862-1917
Bradley, Stinson merchant, municipal official 1864-1925
Brandon, Samuel Edward station agent, manager brandon brick 1873-1919
Brothers, Joseph machinist, inventor 1837-1902
Brown, George merchant, municipal tres, politician 1808-1860
Brown, Robert Muir merchant, factory worker, buyer 1861-1916
Brush, Paul Murray Douglas clerk, hair solon owner 1932-1987
Brush, Samuel Sherwood mill worker, policeman 1876-1956
Buck, Dr. Anson medical doctor, politician 1833-1919
Buck, Stanley E. politician, rail worker, hotel owner 1890-1944
Bundy, George Frederick businessman, fireman 1913-1995
Bundy, Sarah Elizabeth homemaker, midwife, non reg. nurse 1881-1974
Burling, Richard Funeral Director, merchant 1845-1926
Butts, Jean Logie nurse, volunteer 1920-2000
Carins, Archie Dennis farmer, builder 1905-2000
Caldwell, William farmer, JP, merchant, mill owner 1823-1911
Campbell, David Watson clerk, politician, publisher 1847-1896
Campbell, Donald farmer, land registrar, militia officer 1839-1897
Campbell, Hugh Jr. deputy land registrar, municip official 1849-1930
Campbell, Louise land developer, homemaker 1850-1920
Cannon, Arthur Clifford carpenter, contractor 1905-1988
Cannon, Olive May teacher, sales 1912-1984
Cartmer, Isaac grocer, postmaster, politician 1841-1896
Carton, Michael John farmer, politician 1873-1967
Cavell, Horatio Alexander salesman, merchant taxi operator 1888-1961
Centre, Socrates farmer, potash-soap manuf., politician 1813-1890
Centre, William farmer, potash-soap manuf. 1816-1895
Chambers, Albert L. banker, merchant, politician 1878-1970
Chapman, Ethel Matilda writer, editor, lecturer, economist 1888-1976
Chapman, William A. constable, municipal official 1864-1956
Charlton, Albert soldier, labourer 1877-1969
Charlton, John “Jack” factory worker, municipal assessor 1914-1998
Charlton, John W. clerk, tool setter/machinist, unionist 1921-2006
Child, Sydney G. machinist, politician, garage owner 1910-1981
Chisholm, Finlay farmer, politician, implement agent 1848-1917
Chisholm, James Lloyd Farmer, horseman 1911-1992
Chisholm, William farmer 1809-1894
Chisholm, Victor lawyer, land registrar 1854-1930
Clark, Charles William merchant, councilor 1907-1986
Clarke, David shoe maker, marker gardener 1851-1920
Clarke, Gwendolyn P. columnist, author, volunteer 1893-1966
Clarke, Samuel farmer, politician, publisher 1803-1868
Clarridge, William Ivan factory worker, fireman 1920-1999
Clement, Albert E. “Babe” factory worker, fire chief, truck driver 1911-1986
Clements, John Barr roving reporter, traveler 1877-1906
Clements, Matthew farmer, politician, sheriff 1826-1909
Clements, Russell M. merchant, postmaster, politician 1884-1975
Clements, William farmer, fruit grower, politician 1841-1915
Clements, William Bradford merchant, bank manager, politician 1868-1946
Coates, Robert teacher, town clerk 1836-1910
Cobban, Dr. James medical doctor 1802-1857
Conway, Michael teamster, constable, politician 1825-1893
Conway, Shelagh Mary librarian, volunteer, homemaker 1927-2000
Cooke, Alexander Stewart accountant, historian, author 1916-2001
Cooke, Peter Wellington farmer, car agent, grain buyer 1881-1957
Cooper, John “Jack” Gordon farm labourer, mechanic, garage owner 1901-1962
Costigan, E. James estate manager, municipal official 1912-1964
Cottrelle, George Richardson executive, banker, industrialist 1880-1953
Coulson, Harold Edward machine operator, fireman 1915-2009
Coulson, Thomas Henry bricklayer, merchant, politician 1886-1970
Cox, Thomas farmer, lumber mill owner, politician 1858-1934
Crisci, Alfonso merchant, businessman 1926-2010
Crowe, Joseph E. factory worker, soldier, horticulturist 1895-1964
Crozier, John Wesley farmer, politician 1854-1924
Crozier, Wilfred Gordon merchant, banker, antique dealer 1890-1972
Cumming, William C. farmer 1791-1878
Cunningham, Nellie Beatrice chief telephone operator 1890-1955
Cunningham, Robert Clarence farm labourer, grocer, politician 1894-1981
Darling, Jane homemaker, investor 1793-1857
Davis, David A. merchant, volunteer 1910-1956
Dawson, George H. salesman, merchant, politician 1888-1955
Deacon, John S. teacher, merchant, school inspector 1841-1925
Dear, Thomas Philip factory worker, merchant 1909-1997
Dempsey, George farmer, merchant, politician 1822-1892
Denyes, James Malcolm teacher, principal, school inspector 1872-1960
Dewar, Duncan clerk, conveyancer, politician 1842-1910
Dewar, Helen stenographer, court reporter 1875-1968
Dewar, John Jr. teacher, lawyer 1829-1888
Dewar, William Foster postmaster, clerk, bandsman 1871-1934
Dice, Dr. George medical doctor 1842-1872
Dice, Samuel farmer, real estate, insurance agent 1837-1924
Dick, Edith R. nurse, nurse administrator 1906-1978
Dick, Kenneth Young soldier, lawyer, judge 1909-2007
Dick, William Inglis lawyer, crown attorney, school trustee 1868-1962
Dixon, Elijah farmer, merchant, manufacturer 1837-1899
Dixon, Jacob farmer, manufacturer, politician 1836-1920
Dixon, John Sr. farmer, pioneer 1790-1874
Dixon, John Allan farmer 1888-1966
Dixon, Laura Barbara wife, homemaker, poet 1907-2003
Downs, Mabel stenographer 1902-1980
Downs, Roy photographer, reporter, volunteer 1936-1994
Duignan, William John insurance broker, volunteer 1929-2001
Durante, Joseph labourer 1877-1956
Eager, Wm. Lawrence Pearson court official, insurance agent 1814-1911
Earl, Edwin Franklin tinsmith, plumber, merchant, politician 1855-1931
Easterbrook, Thomas businessman, farmer, entrepreneur 1813-1892
Elliot, John Wilson lawyer, county judge 1853-1936
Elliott, John farmer, auctioneer, real estate agent 1898-1987
Elliott, George E. teacher, politician, judge 1902-1965
Ellis, Riby farmer, electrician, caretaker 1847-1924
Evans, Mildred Irene accountant, veteran, sportswoman 1924-2003
Ezard, John factory owner, politician 1846-1925
Farlow, James Gordon Gage farmer, painter, soldier 1896-1981
Fay, Stanley Albert plumber, tinsmith, politician 1902-1976
Featherstone, Charles E. farmer, threshing operator 1873-1968
Field, Myrtle B. clerk, land registrar of deeds 1883-1970
Fitzgerald, Fredrick Wm. Bruce soldier, banker, insur. agent 1894-1951
Fitzgerald, Orpha Isobel teacher, homemaker, insur. agent 1898-1974
Fleming, John Calvin turnkey, governor halton jail 1880-1946
Ford, Thomas William store clerk 1923-1986
Foster, Edgar William teacher, principal 1908-1993
Foster, Hugh cooper, land developer 1794-1858
Fox, Robert Wellington farmer, politician 1876-1951
Frank, William Andrew labourer, sheriff, musician 1902-1985
Frazer, James A. auctioneer, municipal empl. 1832-1914
Freeman, Dr. Clarkson teacher, medical doctor 1827-1895
Galbraith, Robert Bessy merchant, politician 1874-1949
Gazley, Lina Emily A. homemaker, artist, volunteer 1896-1977
Gazley, Sidney Wilfred airman, police officer, manager 1896-1987
Gemmell, Margaret school teacher 1904-2001
Gilbert, George Sr. baker 1879-1941
Gollins, Richard E. painter, bandmaster 1866-1939
Gorham, Thomas Ambrose Milne teacher, crown attorney, judge 1859-1913
Gould, Ivan Stanley barber 1885-1974
Gowland, Gordon merchant, politician 1911-1980
Gowland, Dr. Marshall E. medical doctor, politician 1879-1931
Graham, Andrew carpenter, soldier 1921-2005
Hadley, Frank bookkeeper, farmer, 1882-1971
Hall, Stanley LeRoy farmer, M.P.P. 1888-1962
Hampshire, Wm. James Laird farmer, sheriff, politician 1873-1968
Hannant, Solomon miller 1838-1889
Harrison, Elizabeth farmer, teacher 1782-1867
Hartley, David farmer, J.P., politician 1834-1912
Hardy, John Laurenson farmer, delivery service 1874-1949
Harris, Ronald Charles merchant, politician, musician 1907-1991
Harrison, Johnson E. farmer politician 1822-1907
Hassard, Kenneth Edward sales manager, volunteer 1925-2008
Hatton, John Stinson merchant, politician 1834-1904
Hawthorne, Robert blacksmith, businessman 1823- ?
Hayward, Frederick Arthur businessman, transport owner 1912-1965
Hemstreet, Alfred L. farmer, merchant, politician 1862-1952
Hemstreet, George Albert photographer, merchant, clerk 1853-1957
Hemstreet, Richard Lawrence merchant, politician
Henderson, David teacher, merchant, MP, banker 1841-1922
Heslop, Dr. Cecil Hartley veterinarian, politician 1896-1982
Higgins, John Wm. merchant, politician 1892-1962
Hill, Robert Troop farmer, merchant 1819-1890
Holgate, John merchant, court clerk 1816-1896
Hollinrake, James merchant, politician 1831-1910
Homes, James Harold trainer, harness racer, farmer 1915-1985
Homes, Marshall butcher
Hopkins, James Dickens machinist, soldier, musician 1918-1999
Houston, Clifford Paige clerk, foreman, volunteer 1908-2004
Houston, Lily Rose homemaker, sheriffs constable 1915-2002
Houston, James grocer, auto agent 1867-1943
Huffman, Henry farmer, land developer 1785-1862
Hume, Gordon Switzer farmer, volunteer 1918-2011
Hume, James farmer, merchant, politician 1851-1919
Hume, Mima Alma secretary, author 1884-1973
Hume, Thomas Davidson farmer, theatre owner, politic. 1868-1934
Hume, Dr. William medical doctor
Hunter, John builder, merchant, politician 1841-1923
Hutchinson, Thomas Allinson painter, engineer, lawyer 1894-1977
Inglis, George Lawrence general trucking, school bus owner 1908-1997
Irving, John teacher, merchant, politician 1867-1953
Jackson, George Edward Clark business man 1922-1985
Jarvis, John farmer, politician, justice of the peace 1806-1862
Johnson, Jacob Anson teamster, merchant 1867-1940
Johnson, Charles Howard mechanic, car dealer, businessman 1911-1998
Johnson, William Frederick machinist, veteran, volunteer 1909-2003
Jones, Benjamin cabinet maker, politician 1825-1898
Jones, Charles cabinet maker, merchant, politic. 1852-1937
Kennedy, Donald Elliot teacher, soldier, historian 1915-2004
Kennedy, James S. hotel owner 1862-1932
Kerr, Charles Nelson druggist 1900-1966
King, Dr. George A. dentist, politician 1897-1976
Knight, Cyril Bertrum merchant 1912-1989
Laidlaw, Dr. Alexander Robertson medical doctor 1835-1865
Laking, Robert John farmer, real estate 1897-1988
Laundon, Charles E. manager, court clerk, artist 1887-1975
Lawson, William Alexander farmer, volunteer 1929-1994
Lecocq, Charles harness maker 1884-1964
Ledwith, James Michael businessman, politician, volunteer 1924-2010
Lewington, Clifford George, Wm. labourer, postal worker, volunteer 1909-1984
Lindsay, Walter H. merchant, politician 1843-1904
Little, John F. harness maker, politician 1864-1951
Livingston, Thomas Chisholm land surveyor, insur. agent 1835-1913
Lucas, Colin Cameron scientist 1903-1981
Lush, Thomas Foster farmer, butcher, politician 1844-1909
Lyon, William Durie merchant, politician, magistrate 1825-1893
Magee, Marjorie Isabell homemaker, musician, secretary 1917-1996
Mark, John businessman, restaurant owner 1914-1978
Martin, Charles mill owner, politician 1861-1941
Martin, Dr. Charles Ansley medical doctor, mill owner, politic. 1899-1989
Martin, Edward farmer, mill owner, politician 1822-1885
Martin, John mill owner, land developer, politic. 1815-1871
Martin, Joseph farmer, mill owner, politician 1818-1900
Marsh, Isabel nurse, homemaker 1909-1973
Marsh, Thomas Marshall store clerk, purchasing agent 1912-1995
Marshall, Kenneth Pollard farmer, plant employee, soldier 1918-1995
Massey, Olive Bell homemaker, deputy land registrar 1909-2000
Merkley, Arthur Whitney lumber merchant 1880-1945
Matheson, John D. lawyer, publisher, judge, politic. 1846-1916
Matheson, Thomas Grey lawyer, crown attorney 1836-1904
MacArthur, Anne Jeannette teacher, politician, business woman 1909-1988
MacKay, Adeline Louise teacher, homemaker 1912-2004
MacNab, Alexander Gordon insur. agent, funeral director 1889-1962
MacNab, Bruce Campbell funeral director, court clerk, JP 1919-1998
MacNabb, Alexander Campbell farmer 1849-1920
MacNabb, Archibald Linford farmer, merchant, sheriff 1886-1937
McCallum, Finlay teacher, county treasurer 1813-1881
McClenahan, William J. farmer, teacher, court clerk 1861-1932
McColl, Dr. Hugh Angus medical doctor, politician 1863-1936
McCuaig, Robert Fraser insurance broker, politician 1921-1975
McCutcheon, Dr. John Wallace medical doctor 1905-1992
McDowell, Thomas shoemaker, plasterer, politician 1831-1909
McDuffe, Richard Lanning farmer, millwright, machine dealer 1884-1963
McEachern, John Leslie labourer, garage owner-operator 1900-1957
McGibbon, Archibald farmer, governor halton jail 1849-1932
McGibbon, John D. hotel owner 1863-1916
McGrogan, Mary Margaret teacher, principal 1908-2006
McGuffin, James tailor, merchant, medical doctor 1829-1909
McKay, Duncan grocer & bakery operator, politic. 1856-1901
McKay, Peter M. auctioneer, merchant, town clerk 1822-1884
McKersie, Lachlan Rupert funeral director, soldier 1918-2008
McKim, Thomas Robert merchant 1904-1973
McKindsey, George C. grain buyer, sheriff, senator 1829-1901
McMullen, Hugh “Peter” mine employee, truck driver, sportsm. 1911-1966
McNaughton, Malcolm farmer 1764-1850
McNeil, Leonard teacher, school inspector 1913-2005
McNiven, James Alexander policeman 1911-1994
McNiven, Frank farmer, governor jail, police chief 1889-1966
McWilliams, Peter Lawyer, Crown Attorney 1926-2011
Maxted, John builder, politician 1869-1971
Maxted, Margaret clerk, stenographer, county treasurer 1903-1986
Melanson, Arthur Joseph merchant, politician, volunteer 1927-2010
Merkley, Arthur Whitney lumber merchant 1880-1945
Merritt, Harold John merchant 1910-1981
Middleton, Ernest Albert farmer, merchant 1876-1952
Mills, Frederick Donald merchant 1905-1991
Mitchell, John Redford Inn Keeper 1894-1954
Mockridge, Helen librarian 1885-1967
Mockridge, James banker, auditor, volunteer 1850-1943
Morley, George Albert butcher 1890-1959
Morley, Frank labourer, painter/decorator 1876-1953
Morse, Samuel foundry owner, manufacturer, politic 1820-1870
Mountain, Preston Vernon barber 1906-1960
Mule, Virginia homemaker, merchant 1930-2012
Munro, William Norman lawyer, judge 1873-1958
Neihaus, Charles shoemaker, merchant, politician 1843-1915
Newell, Winifred Agnes teacher, volunteer 1924-1988
Nixon, Mungo E. merchant, theatre owner, politician 1874-1960
Norrington, Walter John “Bus” merchant, painter, politician 1915-1988
Norris, Victor James machinist, politician 1883-1966
Panton, William Sr. farmer, merchant, inspector, clerk 1808-1865
Panton, William Jr. clerk, editor & publisher 1847-1935
Parton, Charles Allan labourer, merchant, volunteer 1927-1999
Patterson, Mary Eleanor homemaker, columnist 1910-2010
Peacock, John Henry farmer, merchant, politician 1859-1918
Pearce, Norman Stanley engineer, politician 1926-1997
Pearen, E. Rosslyn photographer, reporter, politician 1906-1975
Pearen, Frank painter/decorator, politician 1867-1956
Penson, Wilfred Henry mill worker, fireman, town superint. 1922-2003
Perry, Cora merchant 1909-1986
Pettigrew, Oliver Clarke farmer, street railway empl., driver 1867-1943
Pettit, Mary Sophia nurse, politician 1888-1961
Pickett, Nelson Lafayette pharmacist 1909-1987
Porter, Richard S. baker, saw mill owner 1854-1902
Powys, Marjorie Alice teacher, politician, volunteer 1922-2013
Ptolemy, Roger Hall industry president, politician 1896-1973
Ptolemy, William Hall colonal, farmer, businessman 1866-1933
Racey, Thomas clerk, merchant, soldier, land regist. 1791-1881
Ramshaw, Thomas G. manger telephone co., politician 1876-1965
Randall, William T. truck driver, fire chief, postmaster 1897-1982
Randell, John R. butcher 1893-1968
Raspberry, Margaret homemaker, mid-wife 1875-1965
Riddell, Clarence Grant Hydro Superint., oba presid., politic. 1904-1958
Rixon, John farmer, publisher 1831-1905
Robertson, Dr. David medical doctor, land regist.. MPP 1841-1912
Robertson, Donald Stewart manufacturer, businessman 1868-1931
Robertson, Dr. William Edgar medical doctor, missionary, politic. 1879-1939
Robertson, Peter Lymburner inventor, manufacturer, writer 1879-1951
Robinson, John Fredrick clerk, merchant, politician 1875-1946
Robinson, George Melville teacher, author, historian 1901-1988
Roper, John P. grocery merchant, politician 1823-1903
Sclisizzi, Enio soldier, manager, NHL player, vol. 1925-2012
Scott, William M. farmer 1891-1975
Serafini, Luigi labourer 1889-1969
Servos, Hannah merchant, homemaker 1925-1981
Shepherd, James “sheeny” painter, taxi driver, raconteur 1892-1959
Sherwood, Michael iron moulder 1846-1917
Shields, William Kerr drover, farmer 1910-1987
Sinclair, Norman Albert labourer, clerk 1880-1953
Smiley, William carpenter, mill owner, politician 1821-1898
Smille, George Fulton brick co. superintendent 1888-1946
Smith, George merchant, insur. agent, politician 1836-1893
Smith, Marion homemaker, bookkeeper, guide leader 1921-1972
Snow, James Wilfred farmer, contractor, politician-M.P.P. 1929-2008
Somerville, John carpenter, farmer, merchant, politic. 1856-1911
Sproat, Adam farmer, garage owner, politician 1885-1963
Stark, James farmer 1787-1864
Stewart, John Sr. farmer, patriot or rebel, businessman 1808-1893
Stewart, Robert farmer, postmaster, politician 1851-1927
Stewart, William Glass teacher, writer 1814-1880
Stewart, William Henry teacher, principal, Superintendent 1859-1929
Stevenson, Dr. Carroll Keith medical doctor, hospital owner, polic. 1901-1977
Storey, George farmer, merchant, implement agent 1871-1916
Stover, Graydon, Lionel employee- brick yard, robertson mtg 1904-1966
Stover, Norman W. employee — robertson mtg. 1897-1986
Strain, Gordon printer, merchant, businessman 1915-1988
Stuart, Dr. Peter teacher, doctor/surgeon, politician 1858-1925
Swann, George Frederick labourer, volunteer 1909-1987
Syer, Edmund industrialist, politician 1866-1943
Syer, Dr. George Eber medical doctor, coroner 1898-1976
Teetzel, Mathias carpenter, merchant, land develop 1811-1865
Thompson, Charles Henry inn & livery keeper, bailiff, farmer 1834-1899
Thompson, Frederick David lawyer, community volunteer 1932-1979
Thompson, G. Campbell town clerk, land developer 1944-1991
Thompson, George Franklin soldier, farmer, politician 1896-1984
Thompson, Henry Dewar store clerk, office administrator 1884-1977
Tock, Andrew farmer, grocer & confectioner 1845-1913
Tolektzka, Conrad G. merchant, sportsman 1887-1963
Tomosky, Amelia Catherine homemaker, musician, heritage adv. 1924-1988
Turner, Clarence Reid merchant, funeral director, politic. 1884-1963
Van Allen, William turnkey, jail governor 1827-1907
Vaughan, George Albert labourer, fireman, volunteer 1907-1970
Waldie, Alfred Ethelred blacksmith, fireman 1905-1980
Waldie James A. Sr. blacksmith 1832-1900
Waldie, James Alfred Jr. blacksmith, fireman, politician 1871-1948
Waldie, James Franklin manager, volunteer 1908-1987
Walker, Philip farmer, pioneer 1785-1865
Wallace, John Jr. liveryman, hotel keeper 1853-1893
Waters, Uriah M. “Joe” labourer, bandsman 1896-1984
Watson, Henry druggist, seedman, bookseller 1824-1892
White, Francis Leonard printer, publisher 1880-1948
White, John farmer, lumber dealer, M.P. 1811-1897
White, Richard publisher, printer 1854-1931
Whitelock, James Earl agric. representative, volunteer 1895-1963
Willmott, James B. druggist, dental surgeon, politician 1837-1915
Willmott, John carpenter, farmer 1770-1836
Willmott, Joseph Harrison farmer, cattle/sheep breeder, politic. 1897-1987
Willmott, Sarah teacher 1813-1903
Wilson, Arthur Earl labourer, soldier, custodian 1912-2000
Wilson, Charles William labourer, soldier, supervisor, politician 1901-1997
Wilson, Harold Graham merchant 1908-1997
Willson, Levi farmer, sheriff 1804-1879
Woodley, Addison Thomas farmer, volunteer 1915-2005
Yates, Edward. E. merchant, deputy sheriff 1869-1963
Zimmerman, Henry P. farmer, grist/lumber mill owner 1818-1883
Zimmerman, Dr. Soloman dentist 1847-1919
Zwolman, Jan barber 1908-1978
Zwolman, Antoniette merchant 1911-1985