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MHS Donations: Easy to do with new PayPal “Button:

The Milton Historical Society is pleased to now be able to offer an efficient means to allow you to make a donation to the Milton Historical Society. As a registered charity, the MHS is able to offer tax receipts for these donations.

To make a donation, in any amount you choose, please click on the PAY DONATION BUTTON shown below, enter the amount you wish and any additional details allowed on the donation form.


This post is a copy of the main web site donation page which you will find here:

MHS Donations

The donation button is also available in the HEADER or FOOTER on any page of the web site. There you will find all the links you need to contact us, so please ask if you have any questions. Any place you see this image you can “click it” to go to the donation page.

The Milton Historical Society uses all financial contributions to fulfill the goals and objectives of the organization (see: About Us). No funds are allocated to pay the Volunteers that work tirelessly to fulfill the MHS obligations.