February 2016 Meeting: Remembering Milton

When: Thursday, February 18th
Time: 8:00 pm
Where: Waldie Blacksmith Shop, 16 James
Details: Remembering Milton

Places, People and Events through slides presented by Gloria Brown, Bruce Carlin and Marsha Waldie. Join us for a delightful evening of remembering and in some cases guessing where or when these occurred in Milton’s past.  A great way to highlight our Heritage in Feb. during Heritage Week.

Heritage at Risk: Downtown Historic Core

Town of Milton Condo Development Notification:

The Town has sent out notification to the surrounding area regarding the condo application which has now been submitted. This development is proposed for The Downtown Core of old Milton on Main Street and will cover part of Mill Street as well.

NOTE: nothing has been approved this is the start of the process. We will keep you informed as things move forward.

For those of you who are concerned about this condo development we encourage you to leave comments on the Save Old Milton Facebook page.

Keep watch on the Save Old Milton website as the steering committee will be adding updates shortly! As well there has been a petition made to try and stop this development please sign it and share this with friends.

The main MHS web page for this topic is at:

Heritage at Risk: Downtown Historic Core

2016 Executive of the Milton Historical Society

The following were elected as the 2016 Members of the Executive of the Milton Historical Society at the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday January 12, 2016, or appointed as a Coordinator.

For the Year 2016 “Executive & Coordinators“:

President:   Mandy Sedgwick
Secretary:  Karin Tomosky Chambers
Treasurer:  Susan Paul
House Plaques:  Marsha Waldie
Journal Editor:  Barbara Fitzsimons
Monthly Speaker Series: Bruce Carlin
Membership: Susan Platt
Marketing & Publicity: Jennifer Smith
Publications: Gloria Brown
Events:  Pam McLean
Past President: Jan Mowbray
Building Maintenance & Supplies: Mandy Sedgwick
Heritage Milton Representative: Mirella Marshall 
Hospitality – General Monthly Meetings: open
Blacksmiths Program:
Forge Master:
Forge Master Team:
Bruce Carlin
Darwyne Hourie
Larry Maughan
Collections & Research Team:

Kay Bounsall, Gloria Brown, Jim Dills, Kay Hogg, Marsha Waldie, Brenda Bousfield, Margaret Wilkes
Web & Social Media Sites: Richard Laughton
Emma Leeder

January Meeting Reminder

Join us for the Milton Historical Society annual meeting at the Carriage room of the Waldie Blacksmith shop at 8 PM on Thursday, Jan 21st.  We will hold our annual general meeting along with elections for the MHS executive and the successful candidates will be your representatives for 2016 so come out and support them!

The elections will be followed by a “Show and Tell” time where all members of the society are encouraged to bring along an item of historical interest along with a story as to what makes the item unique and significant to you!

As always there will be refreshments. See you there!

MHS 2016 Annual Meeting

When: Thursday, January 21st
Time: 8:00 pm
Where: Waldie Blacksmith Shop, 16 James
Details: Annual Meeting 2016

This will be our Annual Meeting including the Election of our MHS Board of Directors for 2016.  All positions are open except Sect. and Tres. which still have another year mandate.
The Program will be a show and tell where members bring in items they wish to share with other members.  Always a fun program.

#miltonsoldiers Was your Milton ancestor killed in WWI?

Was your Milton ancestor killed in WWI?

The web site of the Milton Historical Society contains considerable detail on Milton Soldiers and in particular the Milton Soldiers of the First World War, as all of their records are in the public domain. That information is in the process of being updated with the Service Files that are being digitized by Library and Archives Canada. Once available, those links appear on the MHS web site in the section on WWI Service Records.

In the future, we will also be going back to all the records that were posted to the old MHS site so that all the links are up-to-date. In addition we will be adding information for those that were KIA (killed in action) that have no known grave, thus they are listed on one of the major memorials for the unknown (Vimy Memorial, Menin Gate Memorial, Arras Flying Services Memorial, Halifax Memorial or the Canada Book of Remembrance).

To provide an example of how this will work, we have added the new information to the file for Private Orville Fletcher #410093 who served with the 38th Infantry Battalion, 12th Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Division, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Private Fletcher was killed in the Battle of Ancre Heights in the area between Courcelette and Grandcourt (France) on November 18, 1916. To date it is unknown if his remains were recovered, thus he has no recorded burial and his name is inscribed on the Vimy Memorial (Pas-de-Calais, France). With information now available, coupled with the advent of computers, we can locate the area where many of the CEF soldiers were when they fell in battle and from that determine where they are (or may be) buried.

We know the exact location where Private Fletcher was killed in action and we are working on his case to try to locate his burial site. All of the details are in his file on the MHS web site at the link provided above.

Private Fletcher KIA at 57d.R16.c.4.5 SE of Grandcourt, France.

If you lost an ancestor in the Great War (First World War) and you are seeking additional information, just e-mail the MHS at miltonsoldiers@gmail.com.

In the past year, the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (which is closely associated with the MHS Soldiers Project) has identified the burial location of more than 50 soldiers of the First World War. Reports on those investigations are sent to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission – Canadian Agency Offices in Ottawa, Ontario for review. Once approved the documents are forwarded to the CWGC Head Office in Maidenhead, U.K. to request a change in commemoration for the soldier. For details on how the process works and the results to date, please refer to the CEFSG Unknowns Project.

#miltonsoldiers Service Files Updated to “Gr…”

The collection of Service Files of the Milton Soldiers of the Great War 1914-1921 has now been updated to surnames starting with “Gr…”, so the latest addition is for William Graham. The complete list of all the Milton Soldiers with the links to their Attestation Papers and Service Files is on the main MHS web site at:

Military / First World War / WWI Service Records

The digitization of all Canadian Service Files is being undertaken by Library and Archives Canada. For more information on that project please see:

Digitization of Canadian Expeditionary Force Service Files

For more information on any of the projects relating to the “Milton Soldiers” (War of 1812 – Current), please send an e-mail to miltonsoldiers@gmail.com at your convenience.

Milton Historical Society Blog Has Moved

Prior to December 2015, the MHS Blog was on a separate site at:


Unfortunately, since that was a “free site” it became the target of a growing number of inappropriate advertising and spammers. We had no option but to lock it and move the blog over to our paid site. It was previously at the free site so that a number of MHS Members could add to the blog, without needing access to the main site.

The new system also has the advantage that all blog posts are immediately fed out on the MHS Twitter account. There may be some “tweaking” to this new system over the upcoming days. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to:


#blacksmith 2016 Blacksmith Classes

The 2016 Schedule for the Milton Historical Society’s Blacksmithing Classes has just been released. You can read the details here:

2016 Blacksmith Classes Web Page

A PDF document with all the details can be downloaded directly:

2016 Blacksmith Classes PDF Download

If you have any questions about the classes, please e-mail the MHS:


These classes are popular so it is best to register as early as you can!