16 James Street, Milton, Ontario | Free Parking nearby

Ladies’ Bowling Team

Ladies' Bowling TeamToday’s #TakeMeBackMilton is a photo from the 1950’s of the P. L. Robertson Ladies Bowling Team. Check it out and see who you recognized! Starting in the Back Row: H. Sccott, ?, H. Hadfield, B. Pearson, G. Coulson, N. Corp, I. McLennon, D. Love, D. Helsop, ?, M. Hood, P. Teasdale. J. Blinco, G. Cooper, D. Scott, ?, N. Love, M. Morley, K. Beasley, A. Wilson, J. Patterson, ?, M. May, ?, M. Wheeler, W. Maskell, A. Bush, M. Gilber, M. Mitchell, D. Thompson, R. Ford, M. Hopkins, G. Rusk, E. Mills,?, V. South, L. Clarke, D. Dillow

Hi-Res. Photos are available from MHS

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