Update December 26, 2016: 

The Historic Fountain has now been relocated in front of the Town Hall to a prominent position within Victoria Park Square.

Old Town Hall Fountain for Humans and Horses:

Royal Templars of TemperanceOn March 28th, 1889, The Royal Tempers of Temperance donated a water fountain to the Town of Milton. The Templers were a group of temperance workers during this time period.  They felt the cool clear water pouring forth from the fountain might quench the thirst and help reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The fountain stood for many years in front of our original Town Hall at 251 Main Street polska-ed.com. It was used by both humans and horses and in days long past it was located at the side of Main Street so horses could also drink from the trough. It was moved further back towards the building around 1953.

This historic cast iron fountain has a beaver at the bottom of the pedestal. The beaver was on Milton’s original Town Seal! The fountain was moved to the property of the present Town Hall located at Victoria Park Square and placed by the back door of Hugh Foster Hall. A few years later it was moved again closer to the Town Hall on the south side and today it has a prominent position in Victoria Park in front of the Town Hall.


If you want a copy of this image without the fountain marked, click here.