Update November 19, 2015

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If you care about the history and character of old Milton, PLEASE ATTEND the Milton Council Committee of the Whole Meeting this Monday November 23rd at 7:00 pm to support the designation of 111 Mary Street and prevent its demolition.

This house is one of the beautiful Victorian homes facing onto Victoria Park in front of Milton Town Hall. Built in 1874, it was once home to Edwin Earl, former Mayor of Milton, and is a key part of one of the most treasured historic neighbourhoods in Milton.

The current owners wish to demolish the house and replace it with a 5 car garage attached to the house next door, creating an enormous double lot structure. To prevent the damage this will cause to the architectural landscape at the heart of our town, Heritage Milton is seeking to designate the house as a significant heritage resource.

IF YOU WISH TO SPEAK AS A DELEGATE, be sure to register through this online form by 10:00 am the morning of November 23rd.

You can read the relevant staff report here: http://www.milton.ca/MeetingDocuments/Council/agendas2015/rpts2015/PD-055-15%20111%20Mary%20Street%20Designation%20Report.pdf

Update November 12, 2015

Heritage Milton passed the following resolution Nov. 12, 2015 – regarding 111 Mary Street:

“Heritage Milton reiterate its resolution from Dec. 2014 and strongly objects to the minor variance application. The Committee do not consider this to be a minor variance but a distinctive change to the Character Area and to the historic lot fabric of downtown Milton. Heritage Milton recommend that the property at 111 Mary Street is designated in order to ensure that this significant heritage resource is not demolished.”

We support their decision in preserving the heritage landscape of our historic Victoria Park Square. Municipalities have been and are moving towards Heritage Preservation on their built heritage resources. It is hoped that the Town of Milton will keep pace with this valuable part of our communities municipal planning.

Please note the next step will be a report to Town Council seeking designation. We will keep you apprised of this date in order for attendance by those concerned with our Town’s heritage!

Heritage at Risk: 111 Mary Street, Milton

It has been brought to our attention that 111 Mary Street is now at risk.  The owners are looking to remove this heritage home. The requested heritage impact study which was requested by Heritage Milton indicates that the home is of cultural value and has significant local cultural heritage due to it’s architectural and historical or associative value trouve.

The house was home to Edwin F. Earl a former Mayor of Milton, Halton County Reeve, Milton Fire Chief as well as serving on numerous community boards. The study also indicated that it should be left in situ and Heritage Milton supports this assessment.  It is also a major part of the landscape which surrounds our historic Victoria Park.  The Milton Historical Society also supports this evaluation and would support designation should the owner pursue a demolition permit .


The home was originally a front gabled Victorian wood framed cottage. The entrance porch with the sleeping porch above were later additions.