Heritage at Risk

This new section of the Milton Historical Society web site is dedicated to the publication of information relative to proposed changes that will put the heritage of Milton at risk. Milton Heritage could be any one of the following:

  • Land or Property that is important to Milton’s Heritage, whether developed or not.
  • Commercial Buildings and Surrounding Areas
  • Heritage Homes (in the town and rural areas)
  • Places of Worship (churches, halls, memorial areas)
  • Ancestral Lands (i.e. cemeteries, archaeological sites)
  • Important Milton Landmarks (i.e. cenotaphs, memorials, plaques)
  • Other

As new information becomes available, each will have a separate page in this section of the web site and a notice will be posted to the MHS Blog, which then feeds to the MHS Twitter account. Your best way to stay informed is to join the MHS Twitter Feed.

Each heritage at risk announcement can be reached through the main header in the web site. Move your mouse to the section Historic Properties in the header and then to the Heritage at Risk section. As your mouse hovers, the heritage announcements will appear to the right. They are also listed below for easy access:

  1. Milton’s Downtown Historic Core
  2. 111 Mary Street, Milton