Time: Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Waldie Blacksmith Shop, 16 James St, Milton
Course size: 4 Students, 2 Instructors
Cost: $550.00

Coal Forge Tools and Tongs

Continue to improve your blacksmithing skills while getting ready to set off on your own.  You will make a set of coal forge tools, including a coal rake, shovel, poker and your first pair of tongs.  Skills learned in this course will include forge welding, rivet joinery and sheet metal forming.
Dates: March 30/31st

Door Hardware

You will work on one or more pieces of door hardware, this could include hinges, pintles, handles, thumb latches and hasps.  You will also learn how to make square nails and staples in order to mount the hardware properly.  There will be old examples of hardware on display; we will spend some time learning how to study these examples to determine how they would have originally been made.
(Dates to be determined)

Kitchen Utensils

Work on various kitchen utensil projects in 18th century style; this could include a spatula, ladle, flesh fork, trivet, etc.  We will have books and study pieces to inspire projects and design.  There will be a whitesmithing aspect to this course.  Whitesmithing is the process of filing the surface of a forged piece to expose the bright surface of the metal and to incorporate decorative elements into the finished piece
(Dates to be determined)


Intro to Blacksmithing Course

Time: Saturday or Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Waldie Blacksmith Shop, 16 James St, Milton
Course size: 4 Students, 2 Instructors
Cost: $225.00

Come out to celebrate International Women’s Day! Women have been involved in the smithy through the ages, often working in chain and nail factories or working in their family shop. You will learn how to light and maintain a fire in a coal forge, and be introduced to forging tools, hammering techniques and proper tool use. Instructor Megan Carter of Armstrong and Carter Ironworks will demonstrate two or more beginner level projects and you will make your own projects to take home.

Dates: March 9th (Snow date March 17th)


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Course Information:

  • Students will be supplied with: an anvil, hammers, safety glasses
  • Students must wear natural fibre clothing (cotton or wool); a hat; leather shoes/boots; gloves. Students should bring their own brown bag lunch.
  • ALL students will have to sign a waiver releasing the MHS from liability for any personal injury or damage. Upon signing the waiver and registration form, the MHS assumes that the student has read the Shop Safety Guidelines and agrees to adhere to them.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the course organizer, Bruce Carlin at bdcarlin@gmail.com