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Book Launch: Historic Homes and Buildings of Milton, Vol. III

Almost 30 years after Milton Historic Society published Historic Homes of Milton, Volume I, the Society has published the third edition of this historically important work, Historic Homes And Buildings Of Milton, Volume III and will unveil it on Saturday December 14, 2019, at 10 a.m. at the historical Waldie Blacksmith Shop in beautiful downtown Milton.

Written by local historian Marsha Waldie with supporting research contributed by Brenda Bousefield, Kaye Hogg, Gloria Brown, and the late Jim Dills, the editorial effort also includes architectural descriptions from Anne Fisher, photography by Mike Boyle and cover artwork courtesy of Ursula McDermid. Mr. Boyle also served as the book’s editor. Historic Homes And Buildings of Milton, Volume III continues the Society’s long-standing tradition of delving deeply into local historical subject matters and, as a result, unearthing more of the community’s rich history.

Historic Homes And Buildings of Milton, Volume III offers readers important insights about 73 properties in Milton, continuing the discussion begun in 1987 when Mr. Charlton, Alex Cooke (1916 – 2001) and Mr. Dills (1930 – 2019) established the Society’s Research Committee for that and other investigative purposes.

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