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99 Years Ago was April 9, 1917: Assault on Vimy Ridge

Saturday April 9, 2016
99 years after Monday April 9, 1917

The following Milton Soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice 99 years ago this date in the event recorded as Canada’s “Birth of a Nation”. It was the first time that all four (4) of Canadian Divisions acted as a cohesive “Canadian Corps” to storm Vimy Ridge and take it from the enemy. The Canadian’s were the first to capture the ridge, despite prior attempts by the French and British Armies. Control of Vimy Ridge was held from that day forward.

Honour Roll

Private Fred Baguley #718192, 16th Infantry Battalion
(no known grave, name is on Vimy Memorial)

Private Albert Eden #210301, 21st Infantry Battalion
(buried in Lichfield Crater near Vimy)

Private William Graham #142350, 21st Infantry Battalion
(buried in Nine Elms Cemetery south of Vimy)

Private Harold Hartley #874758, 8th Infantry Battalion
(died April 29, 1917 holding the ridge – buried in Aubigny Communal Cemetery)

Private William Tremblett #405451, 21st Infantry Battalion
(no known grave, name is on Vimy Memorial)

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