16 James Street, Milton, Ontario | Free Parking nearby

2016 Executive of the Milton Historical Society

The following were elected as the 2016 Members of the Executive of the Milton Historical Society at the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday January 12, 2016, or appointed as a Coordinator.

For the Year 2016 “Executive & Coordinators“:

President:   Mandy Sedgwick
Secretary:  Karin Tomosky Chambers
Treasurer:  Susan Paul
House Plaques:  Marsha Waldie
Journal Editor:  Barbara Fitzsimons
Monthly Speaker Series: Bruce Carlin
Membership: Susan Platt
Marketing & Publicity: Jennifer Smith
Publications: Gloria Brown
Events:  Pam McLean
Past President: Jan Mowbray
Building Maintenance & Supplies: Mandy Sedgwick
Heritage Milton Representative: Mirella Marshall 
Hospitality – General Monthly Meetings: open
Blacksmiths Program:
Forge Master:
Forge Master Team:
Bruce Carlin
Darwyne Hourie
Larry Maughan
Collections & Research Team:

Kay Bounsall, Gloria Brown, Jim Dills, Kay Hogg, Marsha Waldie, Brenda Bousfield, Margaret Wilkes
Web & Social Media Sites: Richard Laughton
Emma Leeder